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The 'HOWs' and 'WHYs' of Bridal Flowers - Ideas for Bridal Bouquets

Updated: Apr 17

The Bridal Bouquet.

Way more than just a bunch of flowers. It's a statement piece, a personalised accessory, a reflection of the bride's style, and the essence of the entire celebration.


'HOW' we create each piece?

With mindful consideration. Whether it's a neat and round, hand-tied bridal bouquet, or an asymmetric bouquet with an effortless look (which, by the way, requires a lot of effort), it takes time and skills to create THE bouquet for that specific bride.



Because we want them to perfectly match their personality, dress, and style. No bride is the same, nor should her flowers be!


Ranunculus, Anemone, Wax Flower, Freesia and Olive branches for this April wedding in Clifton, Bristol.
spring, white and green bridal bouquet

'HOW' important is seasonality?

In my opinion, it is very. Even for a winter wedding, there are materials available that can be added to create cohesion between your special day and the natural elements offered during that season.



It captures the essence of the season in which your wedding takes place, allowing your flowers to truly reflect the time of the year.


'HOW' to hold your flowers?

It depends on the style of your bouquet. There are a few different designs that will show off better in certain ways. However, as a general rule, hold your flowers low, around your belly button, facing your flowers forward. Your florist will help you with that.



This way, both you and your flowers will showcase their beauty, so they not only look good on the day but also in your wedding photos!


Pastel spring flowers mixed with dried elements for this wedding at Plas Pantyderi Manor, Pembrokeshire.
pastel bridal bouquet

'HOW' to repurpose your bridal flowers?

Following the photos taken of your bridal party, it is a good ideas to put your flowers back in water. We deliver your flowers in vases or jars of water, so you can use your flowers to decorate reception tables, entrances, or the bar.



Why not? They will be beautiful for both functions. This way, you can utilise and enjoy them as long as possible.


'HOW' to ensure that my bridal bouquets are as sustainable as possible?

You can ask your florist to suggest flowers that are in season, locally and organically grown, and natural with no chemical dye. There are beautiful natural hand-dyed silk ribbons available to add that extra touch too.



Colourful, September bridal bouquet at Dewsall Court, Herefordshire.
Lord of the Rings inspired bridal bouquet

Flowers are mainly imported from long distances, not only from Holland but also from Kenya and Colombia. By being conscious of that and opting for alternative solutions, when possible, will greatly reduce the carbon footprint of your wedding.


'HOW' could I preserve my bridal flowers?

We offer preservation options by drying your flowers to create wall art out of them (i.e., wreaths). We can also recommend other artists who can offer you different crafts and ways to preserve your flowers (press, print, pottery, and more).



Many brides love to keep their flowers as a sentimental keepsake. While we can't guarantee that all the options above will last forever, even a dried flowers wreath would bring you joy for many years to come.


I hope you could get some answers about your bridal flowers, however if you'd like to find out more, please feel free to get in touch! I'd be happy to chat to you! :)

Dorina x

Pastel bridal party bouquets at The Wholehouse, Powys, Wales.
asymmetric, pastel colours in these wedding flowers

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