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Dorothy Seed: Sustainability Strategy 1. Edition





Written by Dorina Mag

November 2023. (to be reviewed every 6 months)





Sustainability Statement of Purpose and Values


Transitioning from an educational background to a florist role played a significant part in my decision to establish a sustainable business. The knowledge gained during my RHS horticulture course, particularly in areas such as plants, pesticides, and seasonality, greatly informed the foundation of our business. Witnessing the environmental impact of the florist industry, I was motivated to demonstrate that a more conscious-minded approach could significantly reduce its negative effects.

Sustainability is a cornerstone of our business philosophy, and we believe in being transparent with our customers. Our commitment to sustainability is evident through key principles:

  • Consistency: We maintain a consistent and unwavering approach to sustainability.

  • Transparency: We openly communicate our actions, ensuring our customers are informed and empowered to make eco-friendly choices.

  • Respect for the Planet and Human Rights: We prioritize the well-being of our planet and embrace principles of human rights.

  • Community Celebration: We celebrate the successes of like-minded individuals, believing in the strength of a community.

  • Continuous Learning: We actively seek and adopt new methods, adapting to evolving sustainable practices.

  • Approachability and Inclusivity: We are approachable and inclusive, tailoring our support to individual needs.

Through conscious, targeted decision-making, we aim to positively impact social, economic, and environmental factors, contributing to a more sustainable future in the florist industry.



Our Commitment to Sustainable Practices


1. Embracing Natural Beauty:

We deliberately avoid using chemically dyed or bleached flowers in our designs. Each bloom is cherished for its innate beauty, enriching the authenticity of our arrangements.


2. Promoting Lifecycles:

In a bid to minimise waste and faster an appreciation for natural lifecycles, we frequently incorporate natural dried flowers into our designs.


3. Everlasting Keepsakes:

On occasion, we introduce living plants into our designs, offering a heartfelt keepsake for families. Alternatively, these plants can be nurtured and repurposed for future events, contributing to a sustainable and enduring connection.


4. Local Blooms, Global Impact:

We proudly collaborate with a trusted group of British flower farmers in our local area. Their dedication to cultivating beautiful, organic, and fragrant blooms, while adhering to eco-friendly practices, is deeply appreciated. We celebrate and recognise the hard work they invest in creating a better future for our planet.


5. Seasonal Harmony:

Our commitment is to align with the seasons, incorporating blooms that naturally flourish around us during specific times of the year. This not only adds authenticity and cohesion with nature to our creations but also promotes the use of in-season flowers.


1.  Sustainable Mechanics:

From the very beginning, our commitment has been to move away from using any form of manufactured floral foam. Our approach involves imagination, creativity and continuous research to develop reusable, compostable, and environmentally friendly mechanics. In our designs, we exclusively utilise reusable containers, chicken wire, water, moss, twigs, and other natural materials.


2. Multi-Purpose Designs:

Our goal is to craft designs that serve more than one purpose. For instance, in the context of weddings, we create arrangements that seamlessly transition from the ceremony to the reception. We take the initiative to move these arrangements ourselves, allowing families to fully savour these moments. In the realm of farewell flowers, our creativity comes into play as we design pieces that can be disassembled into individual components. This enables them to be used at the wake, offered as treasured keepsakes, or even preserved for lasting memories.


3. Flower Impact Beyond:

We actively encourage our families to extend the joy of their wedding flowers by gifting them to their loved ones after the celebration. Any remaining blooms are thoughtfully donated to a charity, either chosen by the couple or facilitated by us. This ensures that the beauty of these floral creations reaches and brightens as many lives as possible. If you or someone you know would benefit from such an offering, please feel free to get in touch with us.


4. Minimising Waste:

A conscious effort to avoid waste guides our design process. Careful consideration goes into determining the quantity of flowers needed, and we incorporate durable materials for future use. Additionally, we provide a flower preservation service, naturally drying plant materials from weddings or funerals to craft unique wreaths, allowing families to adorn their homes with long-lasting memories.


5. Fully Compostable Designs:

For green funerals and other selected occasions, we offer designs featuring fully compostable elements. Our popular Christmas Wreath workshops exemplify this commitment, where participants craft their own willow base using British-grown willow and twine. Our commitment is the use of plant-based materials, wherever possible, which not only biodegrades but also turns into organic matter.



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Waste Reduction and Recycling:


1. Thoughtful Packaging:

We are mindful in our approach to packaging, using minimal, recyclable, and fully compostable materials in our bouquets. This commitment extends to our wedding flowers, which are delivered in reusable crates and jars. Post-wedding, we collect these containers for future use, promoting a sustainable cycle of reusability.


2. Efficient Waste Sorting:

In our commitment to responsible waste management, we meticulously separate green waste from recyclable elements, ensuring each goes into the appropriate containers for eco-friendly disposal.


3. Rubber Rings Reimagined:

Resourcefulness guides our practices. Rubber rings received with flowers from wholesalers find a second life in our operations. We repurpose them when drying our own flowers, utilising them to bundle and hang the blooms efficiently.


4. Sustainable Sourcing:

As part of our dedication to sustainability, we actively seek second-hand vases, containers, and vintage items for our weddings and events. This not only reduces waste but adds a unique touch to our designs.


5. Reclaimed Creations:

Our commitment to sustainability extends to the materials we use in our creations. We repurpose reclaimed wood, jam jars, and bottles to craft sustainable mechanics. Collaborating with Resiclo Community Wood, a local social enterprise dedicated to collecting and reusing reclaimed wood, we create furniture and wooden structures from recycled materials, contributing to a circular and eco-conscious approach.




Community Engagement Initiatives:


  1. Annual Charity Support:

Every year, we carefully choose a charity to champion, raising awareness and gathering support for their important cause. In the first year of our business, we raised awareness and collected donations (£86.25) for the Cystic Fibrosis Charity. Our aim is to reach more people in the future to raise as much support as possible for our chosen charity of the year.


  1. Local Support Through Donations:

We actively contribute to local organisations by regularly donating gift cards and flowers. This not only helps them raise funds but also contributes to the well-being of the community and celebrate their achievements.


3. Sowing Seeds of Sustainability:

In our commitment to environmental stewardship, we plant a tree with the assistance of the National Forest following each wedding. This initiative contributes to the creation of natural woodlands in the UK. To enhance the personal connection, our couples receive a certificate introducing the chosen tree linked to them. This thoughtful touch invites them to embark on a nature walk together, searching for their tree—a living symbol of their union and shared commitment to sustainability.


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Future Goals


  1. Transparency of Imported Blooms:

Recognising the necessity of sourcing imported flowers for our year-round floral business, we are actively engaged in discussions with our suppliers. Currently, we are conducting thorough research to learn more about the growers. Our goal is to exclusively utilise MPS A+ certified blooms as we strive to uphold our commitment to sustainability between planet, people and the continuity of our business.


  1. Green Waste Recycling:

In our ongoing efforts to enhance our sustainability practices, we are actively working on securing a green waste bin at our studio in Newport Market. This initiative aims to enable us to systematically collect all green waste separately. Once collected, this waste will be directed towards composting, transforming it into valuable organic matter for use on local farmlands. This step further aligns with our commitment to minimising environmental impact and promoting a circular approach to waste management.


  1. Ongoing Plastic Reduction Efforts:

Presently, our wholesale flowers arrive in plastic sleeves that, regrettably, are not yet recyclable. However, we are actively engaged with our wholesalers who are consistently working on developing efficient and recyclable alternatives. This collaborative effort reflects our shared commitment to reducing the use of single-use plastics within the floral industry. We remain dedicated to staying informed about and implementing sustainable solutions as they become available.


  1. Local Community Collaboration:

Our future goals involve strengthening ties with our local community, actively promoting sustainable practices, and fostering collaborations with like-minded businesses. By creating a network of shared values, we aim to contribute to a more sustainable and interconnected local community.


  1. Well-being Through Floral Workshops:

We aspire to connect with local groups to facilitate floral workshops, not only to share our passion for flowers but also to support well-being and bring people together. These workshops serve as a creative outlet, fostering a sense of community and enhancing the overall well-being of participants.


  1. Commitment to Continuous Improvement:

Our journey towards sustainability is an ongoing process, marked by continuous improvement in our practices. We prioritise self-education to stay true to our ethos and maintain transparency with our customers and supporters. As a step forward, I have successfully completed the Carbon Literacy Training. Additionally, we proudly hold membership with the Sustainable Wedding Alliance and have set a goal to achieve accreditation by the end of 2024. This commitment reflects our dedication to embodying sustainable values and practices in every aspect of our business.

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Naturally beautiful wedding and event flowers for the wild and curious.
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