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Outdoor, Rustic Tipi Wedding at the Serenity Garden, Pembrokeshire

A gorgeous, rustic charm for weddings in Pembrokeshire, Wales.
Serenity Garden Ceremony Flowers (Photo: Stone & Ivy)

Nestled near the quaint coastal town of Tenby, Pembrokeshire, Serenity Garden emerged as the perfect location for our recent wedding photoshoot. Its natural beauty, charming wooden structures and tipi set the stage for a spectacular showcase of elegance and rustic charm.

A stunning contemporary, artistic bridal bouquet for a modern bride at the Serenity Garden, Pembrokshire.
Ceremony Flowers and Bridal Bouquet (Photo: Y Mor Photography)

Our design approach for the ceremony area was to complement the tranquil outdoor environment. We thoughtfully incorporated hay bales as unique seating options, enhancing comfort with a countryside feel. To decorate, we used baskets and rustic pedestals along the hexagon wooden arch, each with added fresh, structural spring materials, ensuring every detail was in cohesion with the garden's serene atmosphere.

Whimsical, natural spring wedding flower decor at the Serenity Garden, Pembrokeshire.
Wicker basket and pedestals with flowers (Photo: Stone & Ivy)

Transitioning to the reception space in the tipi, we adorned the wooden arch with a cluster of florals, transforming it into a captivating display that became a striking focal point. The baskets from the ceremony were repurposed, adding a cohesive and creative touch to the top table with wooden crates, while sprinklings of vintage bottles on the guest tables introduced a warm, welcoming ambiance.

For guest relaxation a mix of floral meadows, vintage suitcases, and nestle tables created a cozy nook by the sofa area, a perfect space for the guests to have a conversation around the fire.

A moody, elegant decor for the tipi at Serenity Garden, Pembrokeshire.
Tipi Wedding Flowers (Photo: Y Mor Photography)

A showstopper, fun bridal bouquet South Wales, South West, Herefordshire.
An artistic, contemporary bridal bouquet with a wide selection of spring flowers (Photo: Y Mor Photography)

Both bridal bouquets stood as a testament to diversity in design—one a contemporary, asymmetrical piece featuring mainly fresh, structural blooms, and the other a more relaxed posy of dried flowers, showcasing simplicity and timeless beauty.

A simple yet elegant bridal posy for a more relaxed feel at Serenity Garden, Pembrokeshire.
Dried, boho bridal posy (Photo: Stone & Ivy)

We're proud to have worked alongside a fantastic lineup of local suppliers to bring this vision to life:

  • Venue: Serenity Garden

  • Photographers: Ivy and Stone, Y Mor Photography

  • Styling: Megan & Claude

  • Florals: Dorothy Seed

  • Bridal Wear: Liliwen Bridal

  • Social Media Promotion: Social Mon

  • Stationery: Adaelle Design

  • Hair & Makeup Artists: Stacey Bowen Hair and Make Up, KIC Hair

  • Models: Emily May Wally Walters, Sophie (Sass Surprise Singers)

  • Musicians: Isobel Soper (Cello), Annie Pullar (Violin)

Serenity Garden offers the perfect atmosphere for a tranquil, relaxed yet effortlessly beautiful wedding. This collaboration showcased the potential for any couple looking to celebrate their special day surrounded by this stunning new wedding location in Pembrokeshire.

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