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Nature, Love and Freedom

How do you chose the right venue for your wedding day? All over the UK, there are magical locations - from beautiful churches, medieval castles and country manors to rustic barns - couples are spoilt for choice with wonderful options.

But what if you want something totally different? Somewhere magical taking the celebrations away from normal life and helping the party to connect with nature; somewhere which brings everything important for you together: nature, love and freedom. Maybe an enchanted forest?!

I don’t know if this is why Harriet and Eliot chose Chew Valley Weddings as the venue for their big day but certainly that was the impression I got from the site the first time I visited it. An important and very enjoyable part of being a wedding florist involves going to see amazing locations and working with wonderful people, like these two. From the moment I met them, I knew that I would really enjoy making a design which would reflect the Dorothy Seed ethos!

Just like in life, almost anything is possible in floral design. Wherever we are creating wedding flowers - South Wales, the South West, Cardiff or Bristol - we aim to bring our couples’ vision to life whilst being true to our ethos. The aim is to deliver genuine, ‘as it is found in nature’ style seasonal floral design with a sustainable approach.

For Harriet and Eliot’s wedding we used seasonal locally grown flowers to create the bouquets, button holes, bridesmaids headdress and corsages, and a movable broken arch. As you know at Dorothy Seed we are committed to avoid using floral foam or Agra wool (more about that in our next blog) - instead, we use chicken wire, reusable or compostable mechanics and water.

Moving a broken arch was a little challenging but not impossible! All we needed was Neily and a gator… not too much to ask for, is it?!

Neily was super helpful during the whole day: he looks after Chew Valley Weddings site and, as we discovered, is vital for helping the florist move large installations around the area. :)

As the site is on two levels, the broken arch was first set up at the bottom of the hill, where the ceremony took place. We wanted to make sure that the flowers could be enjoyed both during the ceremony and the party afterwards, so we created moveable structures on wheels which could be pushed along or lifted up onto a trailer. We decided to do the latter option.

Thanks to Neily and his gator we loaded up the arrangements, zoomed up the hill to the party tipi… I loved sitting on the back driving past the guests - the looks on their faces were priceless!

We found the perfect spot for the arch, framing the view over Chew Valley lake beautifully. It was used to create some stunning photos which Harriet and Eliot can treasure forever.

There were so many other parts of the wedding which I loved creating - however, I’ll leave it there!

I am so lucky to do a job that I love and having the opportunity to create wedding flowers with like-minded couples.

Can’t wait ‘till the next one!

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