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65 Roses alias a Salty Life

Updated: May 28

May has been rushing away under our feet here at Dorothy Seed. What an amazing time to be a wedding and event florist! With four gorgeous weddings behind us, we had the best time creating beautifully wild, natural, and thought-provoking wedding flowers. We have decorated venues in the Gower, Herefordshire, South Wales, and Monmouthshire.

Autumn wedding flower backdrop Bristol, The Mount Without
Wedding Flowers Ceremony Backdrop

Although I can’t let the month finish without mentioning something very important it represents to us.

It has been Cystic Fibrosis awareness month, which has a significant impact on our lives. My partner, Rupert (the other part of Dorothy Seed), was born with this genetic, life-limiting condition. You might have seen him before, busy helping me carry buckets, condition flowers, or take apart installations.

Wedding Floral Installation, Buttonhole and Trailing Bridal Bouquet
Autumn Wedding Flowers

I didn’t understand what it meant to live with CF when we started going out nearly 10 years ago. Yes, surely, he coughs a lot, his skin is quite salty, and he takes LOADS of medication, but it can’t be that bad! Or can it?! To be honest, we’ve had plenty of ups and downs throughout the years, and I have been experiencing the difficulties this disease causes in people’s lives.


Soon after Rupert was born, his parents were told he’d be lucky if he lived past 10 years. Rupert’s mum explained that it felt like the world was over; however, they managed to live with this thought, doing their best to give him the best chance to have a great childhood.

Wedding Table Centre with Bud Vases
Brass Bud Vase Table Centre

Then medicine improved, and the doctors understood more about the condition and were able to offer better treatments. Teenage Rupert was hopeful to make some good memories in the next 15-20 years, as the life expectancy was around 30 years at that point. It was still the same when we first started seeing each other, but it didn’t put me off.

Brass candle holders and brass bud vases for an autumnal wedding at The Bristol Mount Without
Wedding Table Decorations (and diabetes)

I have always admired Rupert’s resilience, positive outlook on life, hard work, amazing sense of humour, high emotional intelligence, and his intuitive and empathetic nature. He is the kindest, most supportive person, despite the fact that he has to face so many more challenges and added efforts in his everyday life than I do, not having a genetic condition. We have moved in together, bought a house together, got a cat, got engaged, and started a business. All that while juggling physical and mental health difficulties, work, and just life really.

Moody Floral Meadow Arrangement with Autumn Flowers at The Mount Without
Autumn Meadow Arrangement

I am well aware that we aren’t the only ones having rough times, but I just wanted to put this out there, as there must be people who feel the same way, find it difficult to talk about it, or might feel nervous to share their struggles with the world. I did this for every family who experiences the effects of Cystic Fibrosis in their everyday life, as this is something I understand myself. Lots of love to you, keep on going, and never give up!

These photos were taken by Neil Williams at our Mount Without shoot late autumn last year. I asked him if he could take a few shots of us, representing all couples who are experiencing living with a disability and planning their wedding. Thanks to all the suppliers involved, especially Rupert, for stepping forward and showing some of the moments associated with his condition.

The Mount Without, Bristol
Autumnal, Moody Wedding Flowers

Styled Shoot

Photo: Neil Williams Photography (except baby Rupert - unless he is able to time travel...)

Florist: Dorothy Seed

Stationery: Jones & Joy

Jewellery: LIOU

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